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China Highlights Train Ticket Service

China Highlights Train Ticket Service

Why Book China Train Tickets with Us

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We provide reliable and professional service throughout your journey planning and train travel in China. Passengers find it difficult to take trains in China due to the changeable epidemic prevention measures. Our team exits to offer assistance before booking and continuing support after sales, which make your train travel smooth. Personalized service is our goal. 


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What You Need to Know Before Booking China Train Tickets

China is now known to have the world’s vastest and fastest train network. Being possibly the most economic means of travel, train is flavored domestically and it is still highly likely to encounter ticket shortage during important festivals and national holidays. That being said, the railway system is not necessarily friendly to foreigners. Here are some articles that would help you understand what to expect for booking trains in China:

Tips for Your China Train Trip

Taking a train in China is very different from in western countries. The article below may help make your journey smoother and more convenient.

Popular China Train Routes

China Train Travel FAQs

You may encounters questions when buying China train tickets during your train travel in China. The frequently asked questions below regarding ticktet booking, ticket change & cancelltion, and train travel may be helpful to you. Read more about China Train FAQs.

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1. How many days in advance can I book China train tickets?

China train tickets released 15 days before departure online. At train stations and ticket agencies, tickets go on sale 15 days in advance.

But you can book tickets with China Highlights more than 15 days ahead. Actually, it is recommended that you book tickets with us as early as possible, especially during Chinese holidays and peak periods.

2.What can I do if tickets are sold out for my route?
3. I filled out the wrong name/passport number when making the booking, what should I do?
4. Can I use e-tickets to board the train?


Guilin Hotel upgrade
Vaccination Overview

Published on May 24th, 2022

As of May 21st, 3.334 billion vaccine were given in China. 1.24 billion persons got fully vaccinated. The percent of population fully vaccinated is 90.47%. If you are already in China, there is no restrictions on traveling within the country. You don't have to provide a nucleic acid test certificate unless coming from “high-risk areas". However, you still have to pay attention to latest local policies before you go on a trip.

The Current Situation of High-speed Train between Chinese mainland and Hong Kong

Published on April 1st, 2022

All trains between Chinese mainland and Hong Kong China are closed after outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. There is no official news about the reopened time. 

Trains out of Shanghai have Resumed from 19 May

Published on June 7th, 2022

Train ticket pre-sale period was adjusted to 15 days from June 1st. 

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