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Kali Uchis explains the stories behind these photos with Billboard.

Kali Uchis:
My name is Kali Uchis and this is Behind the Photos with Billboard.

Alright in this photo, I just finished part one of my Red Moon in Venus tour. My managers actually got me this purse as a little as a little gift congratulating me for the tour. I had also just gotten these things I was like gonna take a cute little pink outfit pic.

I was going on a trip with my man in this photo. He took this picture, but I don’t remember where we were going because this … this is like a … I think it’s like a year old. Yeah sorry pregnancy brain. Oh, this was actually after I turned in Orquídeas, right? Orquídeas or Red Moon in Venus — one of those. I don’t remember because I was working. I was working on both of them at the same time. So I really don’t remember. This was you know, for promotional purposes. You know, kind of like turned my album in, you guys, I’m here in the studio working.