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Up-and-coming rapper Sexyy Red shares how she started rapping, the success of her song “Pound Town” and collaborating with Nicki Minaj, going on tour with Drake, hiding her pregnancy while on tour, all the viral success she’s had in the last year and more for Billboard’s future of hip-hop cover.

Sexyy Red
They be callin’ me Michael Jackson, so I just be like, okay, whatever but I guess they sayin’ because of the influence I be havin’ on people.

Sexyy Red
I wanted to be everything because I was good at everything. I used to think I was gonna be a painter. I used to be drawin’ a lot designing my Barbie dolls’ clothes. I used to be doing they hair. I knew I could do it. But I just didn’t know this what I would be doing. I always knew because I was just different. I was weird I was quiet. But everybody used to want to be my friend. I was pretty my hair was real long. My mama knew how to dress me. Everybody used to just be like flocking to me. But I was weird I was quiet. Like I was shy. I didn’t want to talk to nobody. But people still just, I don’t know like I always been like that person for real. My ex-boyfriend had cheated on me. So I had made a diss song about him. And then I rapped it to him. He was like, “oh that’s hard, I liked it.” And it is when we would be around his friends, and he had me rap the song to his friends. And they was like oh, you actually can rap, they like you hard, so then I was just like for real, and I went to the studio and made a real song. And then everybody was like send me the song, send me the song and people started booking me for parties.

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