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The Smart & Fast Way to Secure Your Train Tickets - China Train Booking App

Written by ViviUpdated Feb. 11, 2022
China Train Booking app


China Train Booking app has been released since 2015. Serving more than 30,000 passengers to book train tickets in China yearly, it ranks one of the best ticketing app in China.

Why Choose China Train Booking app?

1-to-1 Customer Service

Our 1-to-1 customer service makes China Train Booking app outstanding among the others. Our Wechat and phone is always online for our users. Any question will be answered in details by a real person behind the app.

Available E-ticket

Our E-ticket will help you get on the train without printing the ticket(s). No need for early arrival to the railway station. No stress of any risk of losing train ticket(s).

Free Preferred Seat Selection

A window seat, an aisle seat, or adjacent seats are for your options, as long as those seats are available.

Free Cancellation before Issue Ticket

Cancellation or change information before issue ticket(s) for your booking on China Train Booking app is free. No stress to make booking(s) in advance.

Multiple Payment

China Train Booking app accepts payments by foreign credit cards, Paypal, Alipay, and Wechat. Payment safety verified by 4 international authorities.

Online Train Station Map

The train station map tells the location of your departure and arrival station. It really helps not only guide you to the railway station, but also make decision of which railway station to depart / arrive (when there are more than one stations in the city).

Multiple Languages

Currently we support English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. More languages will be supported soon.

Free Download Here

How Our App Works — 3 Steps to Make a Booking

  • Search your route and select a train
  • Input the passenger's information
  • Make the payment via Paypal, credit cards, Alipay, or WeChat Payment

Successfully get your ticket(s) in 3 minutes.

What Our Users Said About the App

by Yourick.Gilde (Holland), iOS user
This app has saved my ass so many times. The app is easy to use easy to pay and most of all has the best English speaking service. Super friendly and always willing to help. Especially if you live in China you probably know how rude and how bad the train-station staff can be. With this app you can walk around them. In my top 10 China apps.

by Budgie93 (Britain), iOS user
Me and my husband travelled around China for two months and this app along with the staff were a complete life saver. The app clearly sets out train times, ticket availability, journey length and cost. You submit tickets to be booked and have the option to provide a ‘plan b’ if the tickets aren’t available. Staff will get in touch with you if there are any problems getting the correct tickets and will walk you through all the alternative options - do give them your phone number so that they can ring you! They were so helpful during the busy Chinese New Year period when we were struggling to find tickets. If tickets are available, they will usually book them for you within minutes. With their confirmation email, they provide enormously helpful PDFs setting out useful phrases, station layout, what to do if you miss your train, how early to arrive, etc etc. I honestly have nothing bad to say about the app / staff - thank you!!

by richn4 (Britain), iOS user
Not speaking Chinese in China makes many basic activities a chore. This English app makes booking train tickets very easy and I use it for all my journeys. The app gives you live availability for different categories of seats on scheduled trains and let’s you submit a reservation request with payment for the ticket and booking fee. The actual reservation is made by the agency off line and your reservation code then later appears in the app when the booking is done. I’ve always picked my tickets up in person at Shenzhen Bei station. Should note that foreigners cannot use the pre-pay ticket machines at stations so you have to queue at the ticket office. There are lots of FAQ tips in the app to help you navigate Chinese trains (which are modern and excellent). This app is a very useful service for foreigners in China.

by Haim Cohen, Android user
I had an amazing experience!! Although China is a huge country, I found the team so professional by giving a real one on one support, especially Virginia Fu , train booking advisor.

by expat in china 71, Android user
Super useful app to buy train tickets in China. It doesn't matter where you want to go, there are tickets to everywhere. You can avoid also doing queues in the train station buying tickets here. And finally super necessary mention the excellent stuff behind the app, they help you whenever you need it through telephone or wechat.I had to change one ticket and thanks to Virginia I had my money refunded. She was super kind, very good professional and has helped me a lot. I really recommend it.


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